It’s been an incredibly busy few weeks here at Spring Bay Mill. After releasing the expression of interest in October, we talked with a number of potential hotel operators and, as a result, have modified our approach to the overall rejuvenation of the mill.


We have scaled back the reworking of some of the existing buildings and will be increasing the number of cabins – these will be self-contained and self-sufficient in terms of energy and water supply. They will also be sited with privacy in mind, and to gain maximum benefit from the mill’s fantastic waterfront setting. The first cabin prototype should be up and running in April.

Renovations to the admin building will begin in February, and the idea is for this to be used as a reception, café and social hub. We also expect construction of the marina to begin around the same time.


It’s always been important to us to involve the community in the rejuvenation of Spring Bay Mill. In the past few months, we’ve been working with Triabunna District School to work out how to provide the young people of the area with practical horticultural experience. That’s well underway, with Stage 1 of the earthworks for the Paddy’s Beach vegetable and fruit garden now completed. Compost generated from the old woodchip pile is being used to enrich the soil, which will be ready for planting in January, in time for the new school year.


Spring Bay Mill